Poppy Rope: Playtime Squid

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About Poppy Rope: Playtime Squid

Become a real superhero in 3D Poppy Rope: Playtime Squid shooting game. The great action gameplay of the characters in the Squid game combined with the superhero Huggy in Poppy Playtime will bring you the best experience.

The city is full of crime, and you rope hero Huggy Wuggy must fight. Huggy Wuggy is equipped with many superpowers such as earthquakes, laser beams, and even Kamehameha Waves (from the Dragon Ball series). Huggy Wuggy is the hope and future of the people in the city. You need to come up with a perfect strategy, which is to ally with other superheroes to defeat the criminals.

- Amazing 3D animated graphics
- Enemies of characters in the game Squid: Pink soldier, Doll Boss, ...
- Many skins to unlock: Quggy, Wuggy, Huggy, Muggy, Doddy, Puppy, etc.
- Simple gameplay and intuitive controls.
- High-performance motion.

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