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About Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a first-person horror adventure game allowing players to discover the truth about what caused the workers at the toy factory to vanish. To find out what happened to the personnel that vanished, you must explore the mysterious Playtime Co. toy factory. There are a lot of toys full of hatred waiting for you to come for revenge. So, make every effort to stay alive while avoiding capture.

Game Story

In Poppy Playtime, you will play as a former employee of the Playtime factory, which was the largest producer of dolls and children's toys. One day, all the workers mysteriously disappeared leading to the abandoned factory. The police began to investigate but seemed hopeless because there were no concrete clues.

Then, you make the decision to come back here to find out what happened to all the workers after getting a letter from one of the missing employees. You'll need to solve a variety of puzzles, gather recordings to learn more about the factory, and avoid vengeful toys in order to get out of this factory.

The most dreadful creature is Huggy Wuggy. He has the size of a doll with blue fur, wide red smiling lips, and long arms and legs. He would constantly pounce on you and chase you around. As you move around, you'll notice a lot of intricately decorated rooms with various eerie dolls spread throughout.

Moreover, there are a lot of cassettes and tapes lying around the factory. So you need to gather them and watch videos to acquire possible hints for understanding the plot and progress to win this game easier.

This game offers a special way for players to interact. Instead of having to trek through the factory to pick up items that are out of your reach, you can make use of the Grabpack which functions as an electrical conductor.

Release date

October 12, 2021.

If you are a fan of horror games and are ready for a challenge, Poppy Playtime is a great choice! You can play Poppy Playtime on your browser on Desktop or mobile devices. It's available on our site for free!

Game features

  • Game visuals are realistic and appealing
  • Special game mechanics
  • Outstanding character motions.

Controls Guide

The controls for the Poppy Playtime Online game are straightforward. You can easily move about, run, grab objects, and interact.

  • WASD to move
  • Left-click to use the item
  • TAB to display controls
  • SPACE to skip the dialogue
  • Shift to sprint

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