FNAF Poppy Playtime

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About FNAF Poppy Playtime

The spooky monster in Poppy Playtime combines with all the scary toys of the pizzeria to lure you into their trap.

If you want to survive, quickly find the solutions to these puzzles. FNAF Poppy Playtime is a spooky fighting game featuring FNAF's characters and the fearsome monster Poppy. Stay alive! Scary creatures are chasing you!


Controls Guide

There are 2 game modes: Normal and Hard. Choose one of the two modes according to your ability and start playing:

  • When Sally or Logi is nearby, hide for less than 2 to 6 seconds. Pay attention to the sewer manhole in front of you.
  • If you want to check the corridor press the red button on the desk.
  • Should fix the cells in camera 15 as quickly as possible.
  • Clowns can become ferocious at any time.

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